CEO Greeting
Welcome to EnerPlus.
Thank you for visiting us.
The environmental problem caused by air pollution, which includes global warming, is becoming an urgent international issue.
It desperately needs active responses at the national level.
And also, that role is being significantly demanded in enterprise activities.

In this situation, we not only take pride in contributing to the environmental conservation by our solar energy business
but also are aware of a sense of mission that we must take a responsibility towards the future environment.

Since the foundation of the company, we continuously have made a great effort to increase the coverage of natural energy
in which the photovoltaics industry takes a central place.
We see that the solar energy business which utilizes the infinite energy source –the sun- will be a key to open
a new generation of energy by stable securement of energy sources and various application without pollution.

Especially, the increasing trend of the relevant facility followed by RPS (Renewable Portfolio Standards)
and obliging installation of all sorts of New & Renewable Energy facility, which are recently promoted by
the government, is expected to fundamentally improve the global environment as well as the domestic environment.
Our company has put forth every ounce of our energies for active business growth in this field, and we have
endeavored to provide a much-improved system by establishing a uniformed process which covers from developing
and designing a stable system to producing, constructing and managing it.

In the years to come, we will carry on to consistently contribute to the local society as a brand-new
futuristic environmental energy enterprise and to be the most reliable New & Renewable Energy enterprise
by constantly researching for the improvement of up-to-date technologies and facilities.

We ask for your continued support and attention.
Thank you.
Chief Executive Officer Jong-Oh Kim