Power Plant

We, EnerPlus does

provides all services from the suggestion, analysis and design of the power plant to REC bidding for the agent selection and the production, construction and final transmission to every customer who is interested in the services.

The government obliged the electricity generation using the New & Renewable Energy to the large-size power plant owners through the RPS.
For this reason, the owners who have been selected to the RPS object were obliged to produce a certain amount of electricity by using New & Renewable Energy sources as of 2012.
Especially for the case of solar power, the government allocated specific mandatory purchasing quantity until 2015.
But after the year of 2016, the government integrated the managing of solar and non-solar power so that the owners could cover it by REC transaction utilizing purchase contract and spot market.

Range of Obligatory Supplier

(21 companies overall, ‘18)Korea Hydro & Nuclear Power Co., Ltd, Korea South-East Power Co., Ltd Korea Midland Power Co. Ltd, Korea Western Power Co. Ltd, Korea Southern Power Co., Ltd, Korea East-West Power Co., Ltd, Korea District Heating Co., Ltd, Korea Water Resources Corporation, SK E&S Co., Ltd, GS EPS Co., Ltd, GS Power Co., Ltd, POSCO Energy Co., Ltd, CGN Yulchon Power Co., Ltd, Pyeongtaek Energy Service Co., Ltd, Pocheon Power Co., Ltd, Dongducheon Dream Power Co., Ltd, Paju Energy Service Co., Ltd, GS East Sea Power Co., Ltd, Pocheon Independent Power Producing Co., Ltd

Obligatory Supply Rate Per Year

Year '12 '13 '14 '15 '16 '17
Percentage (%) 2.0 2.5 3.0 3.0 3.5 4.0
Obligatory Supply Rate (1,000 REC) 6,420 9,210 11,577 12,375 15,081 17,039
Year '18 '19 '20 '21 '22 After '23
Percentage (%) 5.0 6.0 7.0 8.0 9.0 10.0
Obligatory Supply Rate (1,000 REC) 21,999 - - - - -

Obligatory Supply Amount = The Amount of Overall Electricity Produced by Supplier (Except for the Amount of New & Renewable Energy) × Obligatory Supply Rate

Obligatory Supply Rate per Year (Schedule 3, Enforcement Ordinance of Development · Usage · Supply · Promotion of New & Renewable Energy)

The rate is determined through the 1st announcement on January and reannouncement on September of the year.

Solar Power Supply Certification Weight

Section Supply Certification Weight Objective Energy and Standard
Installation Type Specific Standard
Solar Energy 1.2 Installed on the Normal Field Under 100kw
1.0 Above 100kw
0.7 Above 3,000kw
0.7 Installed in the Forest Field -
1.5 Utilizing the Existing Equipment or Structure Under 3,000kw
1.0 Above 3,000kw
1.5 Floated on the Surface of the Water of Oilpaper
1.0 Transacting the Power by Own Generating Plant
5.0 ESS Installation
(Coordinated with PV Installation
'18, '19
4.0 '20

We provide the total solution for the power plant business: from designing, production, construction to maintenance.

Business Counseling At first, we collect the information like the purpose of installation, installation environment, installation scale, type of system, installation date, budget and etc.
Preliminary Investigation In this step, we’ll check the environment around the building or field and the availability of the contract for power to set up the system.
Power Plant Business Suggestion Finally, the optimum system will be suggested based on the client’s needs and investigation.
How do we support?
  • 1 We suggest the optimum system based on the client’s needs and investigation.
  • 2 We simulate the power production and sum up the expected cost based on the weather data of the power plant region.
  • 3 We analyze the economic feasibility based on the calculated expense and simulation.
Determination of Power Plant Condition Details of the system such as location, scale and method of installation will be determined through the consultation with our clients and field investigation.
System Design Based on the conditions, we’ll choose the equipment and structure, determine the specifications and design underlying the blueprint.
Power Plant Business Permission Based on the conditions and blueprint for the business, we’ll request the permission of the power plant business to the local government.
How do we support?
  • 1 We write up the detailed arrangement and installation form on CAD program based on the counseling & investigation.
  • 2 We support drawing up the documents for requesting the permission of business.
  • 3 We support the tasks of requesting the exclusive electric power supply with the electric power company.
Power Plant Business Contraction In this step, we make a general contract on the power plant business progress and the installation.
Processing Government Related Tasks Overall government-related tasks will be processed: participating REC bidding, system connection consulting with the power plant company, construction plan declaration and etc.
Requesting the Technical Examination of System Connection We’ll share the technical discussion with Korea Electric Power Corporation(KEPCO) for the system connection of the power plant (ex. protection scheme examination)
How do we support?
  • 1 We support the REC sales for the transaction with the electric power company, the documents for bidding REC and the bidding itself.
  • 2 We support the government related tasks for the construction: appointing a safety supervisor and construction inspector, declaration of the construction plan and etc.
  • 3 We support and discuss with KEPCO on the technical connection method based on the data on the power plant.
Device Selection Detailed Design Based on the research on the best combination of devices concerning the ideal efficiency, we draw the detailed blueprint of installation corresponding with the conditions.
Material Arrangement and Production We arrange the essential materials(module, inverter and etc.) for the power plant installation and design and make the products which are necessary for the system.
Processing Government Related Tasks Overall government-related tasks will be processed: participating REC bidding, system connection consulting with the power plant company, construction plan declaration and etc.
Power Plant Installation On the basis of the prepared detailed blueprint, we process the installation; construction, assembling the structure and module, assembling system devices, electrical room, electrical construction and system connection.
How do we support?
  • 1 We choose the best combination corresponding with the conditions of each equipment and draw up the optimum blueprint on the basis of the know-how accumulated over the years.
  • 2 We safely supply the chosen equipment and directly produce the necessary products in the best quality.
  • 3 We process general subjects on the REC bidding and all the government related tasks needed for the bidding participation and construction.
  • 4 We abide by all the related rules and laws and construct safely with our high-technology so that clients can feel easy.
Electric Power Transaction & the System Connection We process the government related tasks on the electric power transaction towards the electric power market and on the system connection towards KEPCO and Korea Energy Management.
Examination Before Use With KEPCO, we proceed examination before use for the whole system.
Initiating Commercial Operation The power plant will be activated after the declaration of commercial operation to the local government and the electric power market and the installation confirmation by Korea Energy Management Cooperation.
Maintenance We consistently check the system and immediately deal with the problem for smooth management.
How do we support?
  • 1 We register you to the electric power market, submit the electrical equipment revision plan and the equipment catalog, register the generator and request sealing.
  • 2 We make an agreement of parallel operation, contract the utilization of electricity distribution line and request for the admission and the proposal for connection.
  • 3 We set and test the protective relay and proceed examination before use after sealing the voltameter.
  • 4 We initiate the commercial operation after the permission of installation by Korea Energy Management Cooperation.
  • 5 We frequently check the circumstances for the stable operation and immediately cope with the problem.