Residential PV System

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Because of the record-breaking heat wave and cold wave, the electric charge is increasing day by day.
So, as of 2017, the government eased off the graduated rates of the electric charge from 6 stages to 3 stages.However, it’s still burdensome for the ordinary people.

For this reason, the installation of a PV system on the new or existing housing and apartments is increasing recently.
Towards the clients who want this kind of installation, we support and proceed the general progress: installation capacitance, installation form, installation expense utilizing the government subsidies, and etc.

The government is implementing the housing support project that the government covers a certain portion of the expense in case of installation of New & Renewable Energy source (PV, solar heat, geothermal heat, small-sized wind power, fuel cell and etc.) taking a goal of 1 million suppliance of the Green Home until 2020.
And it’s divided into 2 cases: detached dwelling projectand green village project, which is proceeded as a unit of a village or over 10 households of multi-dwelling.

Standard of Subsidies for Solar PV(Stationary), 18’

(Scale : 1,000 Won, VAT included)

Energy Source Support Discrimination* Subsidy Subsidy for the Island Area
Solar PV
Under 2.0kW Over 550kWh 520/kW 620/kW
500kWh ~ 550kWh 770/kW 930/kW
450kWh ~ 500kWh 1,030/kW 1,240/kW
400kWh ~ 450kWh 1,160/kW 1,390/kW
Under 400kWh 1,290/kW 1,550/kW
2.0kW ~ 3.0kW Over 550kWh 420/kW 510/kW
500kWh ~ 550kWh 630/kW 760/kW
450kWh ~ 500kWh 840/kW 1,010/kW
400kWh ~ 450kWh 950/kW 1,140/kW
Under 400kWh 1,050/kW 1,270/kW
Multi-Unit Dwelling ~ 30kW per housing 1,240/kW 1,490/kW

Requirements of Support of Installation

Type Requirement
Detached Dwelling An owner or owner-to-be of existing or new housing
Multi-Unit Dwelling
  • A representative of inhabitants of existing housing or an owner or representative of inhabitants of housing under construction
  • Green Village Project can only be requested when the project plan is submitted and approved by the local government
  • Requirement of Green Village Project: a village (including multi-unit dwelling and apartment) with 10 or more households in a minimum administrative district (Li, Dong)
※ Note
  1. Applicant’s sharing of the expense is determined in accordance with the contraction with participating company.
  2. The project designated by the Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport (Zero-Energy Housing Demonstration Project, Eco-Friendly Energy Town Project) is primarily supported.
  3. The amount of subsidy can be adjusted in case of drastic fluctuation of installation cost.
  4. Every installation is supported in accordance with the unit cost of subsidy which is separated by installed capacity, monthly average usage of electricity and performance.
    - Solar Power: The subsidy is provided in a graded approach in accordance with the monthly average usage of electricity (average of the latest 12 months of request.)
    * In case of a new building or moving (under 1 year before the registration transfer), the cost of the case of under 400kWh is applied.
    ex.) Consumed, under 400kWh of monthly average usage of electricity by 3kW Solar Power Capacity: 1,050kWon × 3kW = 3,150kWon
    * Sectional Addition Method is NOT applied (ex. 2kW(2,580kWon) + 1kW(1,050kWon)=3,630kWon : wrong method)
  5. The cost of detached dwelling is applied when the installation is constructed for individual use, not common use.
  6. In the case of installing over the range of the standard of subsidy support, the system can be installed up to 110% of the capacity and subsidy is provided within the standard.